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What is a Learning Center?

DaZona is a daytime habilitation center PLUS. As a parent of a young man with IDD, I wanted more for him than a sedentary and movie-watching future. Our curriculum is based on that from Texas Education Agency, and written by licensed therapists, certified teachers, special needs specialists, and parents of IDD children/adults.

Our students enjoy a 1:5 student teacher ratio. Individualized assistance, social groupings, and IEP specific lessons are used daily. Strolling our 10 acre property, interacting with the petting zoo animals, horses, gardens, and of course, playing basketball  with classmates are a daily highlight at DaZona. Physical fitness and movement are important to facilitating wellness. A Learning Center offers acadmics, movement, social skills, daily living skills, etiquette, and so much more.



Our students and teachers interact--there is no adult day care here. Some of our daily activities:

cooking                       motor skills actiivities       creative reading              
setting the table         games          dance        singing   stretching
daily living skills           math store     puzzles   interactice media
hygeine      sensory     petting zoo     horses   actiivities


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